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Jasmine’s Go-To Green Juice Recipe

Jas has been absolutely loving  making her own custom juices at home  recently. Its a  small part in her morning routine that  makes a big difference Learn why she started juicing in the first place, how she stays consistent with it, and why Jo hasn’t joined in (at least not yet). 

“Juicing was my quarantine hobby,” Jasmine says. “Our hairstylist, Ruslan Nureev, started juicing during way back  quarantine as well. I would see his Instagram Stories, and they were always so inspiring and so aesthetically pleasing. I wanted to try, because number one, it just looks pretty, and number two, there are obvious health benefits. It’s been such a trend to drink celery juice first thing in the morning, so I wanted to try it to see what all the hype was about.” 

For Jas, juicing has benefited her both internally and externally. “When I’m consistent, I see my skin looks much more supple and hydrated,” she says. “I’m not the best at drinking water so drinking celery juice adds that much more hydration to my body. I do feel a lot of energy from it, too. I also feel a little bit more clear-headed, but overall, I think the number one thing that I love from it is the look of my skin. It can make you look very glowy!” 

As with anything, Jas says consistency is key. For her, the benefits are cumulative, so skipping out on juice one too many days in a row will prevent her from seeing and feeling the benefits. While she prefers to make it herself at home, she will drink a store-bought juice if she’s on the go and unable to fill an empty fridge. 


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