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5 Joja-Approved Travel Tips for Your Next Trip

Throughout their careers, both Jo and Jas have done their fair share of traveling…actually, that’s an understatement. While modeling, Jo and Jas have visited almost every corner of the world. After taking an incalculable number of flights, living out of their suitcases, and crisscrossing time zones, they have their travel routine down to a science. 

“I used to travel so much when I started modeling 10 years ago,” Jas says. “I was doing New York, London, Milan, and Paris, and really trying to get my career established and make a name for myself. You just kind of had to get on a plane at the drop of a dime. You always have your passport with you. There’s not a place I would go where I didn’t have my passport with me.” 

Jo’s experience was identical. “I would literally have my passport on me at all times, and I still do,” she says. “I will say, since COVID, the world has slowed down a lot more. It’s weird for me not to jump on a plane once a week and to be in one place. My biggest passion in life is traveling, so I still do a lot of it, but nowhere near what it used to be now that we both live in LA, and we don’t have multiple places to go back and forth to. Travel is a lot more like going to work and back instead of just a constant thing.” 

Jasmine agrees, saying, “I'm very appreciative and grateful that we both reached a point in our careers where things started to shift, and you start thinking of your next move. For me, that’s Joja. We have a little bit more control.” 

While they might not travel as much as they used to, they still use the same tips and techniques that they’ve collected throughout the years. In fact, they both have in-flight habits (and non-negotiable travel accessories) that they never go without. 

1. Wear a Hat

It might seem like a simple thing, but for Jo, wearing a hat is an in-flight necessity. “I have to wear a hat because I don’t want to make eye contact with anyone,” she laughs. “If the light is on, I want to be able to pull it over my head to make it dark since I don't love wearing the sleep mask. They make my eyes so puffy.”

2. Bring a Pillow and a Blanket

“I always bring my pillow,” Jo says. “I have a really hard time sleeping if I don't have it.” She’s not kidding, either. She even has a designated suitcase for her pillow. “It’s insane,” Jasmine laughs. Still, it’s what keeps her feeling comfortable on the flight so she can get some sleep.

The same goes for blankets. “I notice that they don’t give you blankets anymore, so I bring a blanket,” Jo says. “If I'm in normal clothes, I bring a set of sweats or traveling sweats, too. You have to get comfortable. I also like to wear compression socks and drink a ton of water. Make sure you get up to stretch, pee, and move around!”

A blanket is the key to a good flight for Jas, too. Even though she never preps for a flight like Jo does, she agrees that a blanket is a must. “I get on the plane, lay down, and go to sleep. I don’t even get up to pee. I won’t walk around. I literally get on and I fall asleep. I put a blanket over my head, so I'm just like in a cocoon laying there.”

3. Bring Makeup Remover and a Good Moisturizer 

Airplane cabins are incredibly drying, which is why it’s important to board with clean skin and a heavy layer of moisturizer. Jo always makes sure she packs makeup remover in her bag so she can cleanse her skin after leaving a photoshoot. She also always packs Weleda Skin Food. It’s a super thick moisturizer that helps trap hydration in the skin. Jasmine loves it too. “Skin Food is the BEST for flying,” she says. 

4. Bring Noise-Cancelling Headphones 

For Jo, this is the number one travel accessory she needs. “I could be on the plane without my phone or any entertainment, but I need my headphones,” she says. “I need to be able to zone out. If there’s like a baby crying or something, I'll put Air Pods in and then wear noise-canceling headphones on top. It really locks out the sound.”

5. Eat, Sleep, and Move Strategically to Avoid Jet Lag 

“I have the worst jet lag in the whole world, and I never know how to fix it,” Jas says. “I will land in Europe, and you know, they say, ‘don't fall asleep; that's the number one thing you shouldn't do.’ I fall asleep and then I wake back up at 8pm and I'm up until 7am and I've never learned how to fight it. I get jet-lagged going from New York to LA, so that just explains how my body is,” she laughs.

While jet lag has always been hard for Jo, too, she says there are a few things that help lessen it for her. The first one is to avoid eating during a flight (if possible). “I have this weird thing where I don't eat on planes,” she says. “Or if I do have to eat on a plane, I bring food and I eat according to the next time zone.” This is an effort to train your body to adjust to a new schedule and avoid excess fatigue.

She does the same thing with her sleep and workout schedule. Just like with her eating schedule, she tries to sleep according to the time zone she’s traveling to. And when she arrives, she never naps, as it can throw off her sleeping schedule even further. “There’s no napping. It's like drop your bags at the hotel and go for a walk. Go workout. The second I land I try and get an activity in, because it tells my body it's daytime. When my family comes to visit me, they usually come for two weeks. It's usually morning when they land, so we'll go for a hike, go workout, or do something low impact. Those things help me recover.”

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