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Daily Juicing

“My typical recipe every day is cucumber, apple, celery, and a little bit of lemon,” she says.

“Right now, I use a Rebel juicer,” Jas says. “Ruslan told me about this new juicer called the NAMA J 2 juicer, which is a cold-pressed juicer. The benefit of having a cold-pressed juicer is that instead of using all the heat that the Rebel uses to push the veggies through and strain them, the NAMA spins the fruit or veggies and squishes them as if you’re doing it with your hands. You’re able to get all these nutrients and you can keep the juice in glass jars for up to four days, which is amazing.” 

Jas has ordered the new juicer so she can begin to prep juices for days ahead. “On Sunday night, you can prep all your juices for three to four days, whereas with the juicer I have now, you should really drink it that day. This sounds like an ad for this juicer, but it’s not,” she laughs.

Jo’s Take on Juicing 

So, what’s Jo’s take on juicing? She likes it, but she doesn’t drink it daily like Jas does. “On vacation, I will randomly order celery juice, but I don’t drink it every day. I’m so on-the-go that sometimes I barely have food in my fridge, and if I buy fresh vegetables for juicing, they will just get soggy. Also, it’s a very LA thing. It’s not done globally yet, so it’s not convenient to find juice everywhere you go. You can order a coffee—that’s convenient everywhere.” 

Coffee is Jo’s morning drink of choice. “I’m such a coffee addict,” she says. “It’s hard for me to function without coffee in the morning. I’ve tried to switch to green juice, matcha, or green tea, but I very quickly go back to coffee.” 

“Jo hates that I don’t have a coffee machine in my house,” Jas laughs. “I’m telling you,” Jo says, “my housewarming gift to you is going to be a coffee machine.” 

One thing they both agree on is that juice cleanses aren’t for them. “I admire people who can do juice cleanses, but I don’t think I could ever get past the first day, because I love food so much,” Jas says. “I would just crave it too bad.” That’s why she doesn’t use juice as a substitution for breakfast. “I still have a protein smoothie or eggs after I drink my juice.” 

“I tried juicing before, and I think I made it halfway through the day, but I felt so nauseous and weird and got a headache,” Jo says. “I do think I would love to try adding it into my morning routine, but like you said, I need to chew on something. Maybe I could do a soup cleanse… I would have a really tough time just juicing, though.” 

 “I will say, some of these things, even if they’re not fully proven, have this kind of placebo effect,” she says. “Like, you did the green juice in the morning, so your choices throughout the rest of the day become healthier as well. It’s like how if I make it to the gym in the morning, I’ll eat healthier throughout the day, because I’ve already done something good for my body, so I might as well keep doing good. That’s why I love a healthy lifestyle because it supports a domino effect.” 


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